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Payam Samadikhadem

Yoga Teacher (YTT 200 HR – U.S.)

معلم یوگا

soon Ayurvedic Practitioner (YVI – U.S.)

مشاور طب سنتی بر اساس علم آیورودا (طب سنتی هند باستان)

For Ayurvedic Consultation send a message through WhatsApp: +31653870768

جهت دریافت مشاوره، از طریق واتساپ پیام ارسال کنید:


Instagram page:

Payam, previously a civil engineer, 4 years ago turned to be a Yoga Teacher. Two years ago he started to learn Ayurveda and to be an Ayurvedic Practioner (AP). He is crazy for Vedic Knowledge!



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